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Validates Safety and Quality on a batch-by-batch basis



is the smartest new generation Food Safety!

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A growing number of countries require traceability information for imported foods (USA, China, EU, Japan, etc.).
Reduce producer costs of certification and compliance
Cost Saving
Reduce producer waste
Digital factory cost reduction & efficiency improvements
Enhance transparency and efficiency on the supply chain.
Improve efficiency, save costs in Up-Downstream logistics management
Lower insurance liability cost
Enhance Process
of your produced products

Bring real value to your consumers

Transforming The Future of Food Safety

what our customer say

Decapolis is a game-changer in the traceability methods and because of them the added value for our final product has risen, and we can say the safety and competence of our produce has risen as well.
We are glad to partners with them and to continue our improvements for our customers locally and internationally.

Wael Haddadien
Kariem Haddadin Farms-Jordan since 1973

Farmer Ecosystem

DFG gathers and validates data from farmer goods production and supply chain, Agreement under the auspices of Jordan Prime Minister office with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Jordan Food and Drug Administration to use Decapolis DFG as a food Safety and Quality reference platform, Facilitate exports by food producers by demonstrating compliance with import regulations, Empower regulatory authorities with visibility to farmer safety compliance to local regulations and import controls.

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Implement rules to certify according to applied international Safety and Quality standards at Batch-level resolution​

Mobile friendly

Implement rules to certify according to applied international Safety and Quality standards at Batch-level resolution​.

High Quality

Validate compliance with worldwide Food Safety & Quality standards on a batch-by-batch basis

Healthier Products

Government reference platform for food traceability in Jordan

Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiencies in the Food supply chain and uplift food producer profitability

Decapolis to extend Food Guard system for Fresh produce traceability

Safety and Quality
Focus on compliance with relevant Safety and Quality standards (e.g., UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
Safety during the production cycle.
Define instructions for best safety practices during the production cycle.
Monitor end-end production
Enable small farmers to monitor end-end production including environmental conditions, application of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers.
Sensor monitoring system
Implement a sensor-rich monitoring system to track inputs at all stages of production to ensure Safety and to reduce losses.
Practical Management Training
Hands-on management and guidance of activities in the field.

Board Of Directors

Abedalrhman Habashneh

Michel Motta
Vice Chairman

Alfahed Habashneh
Managing Partner

Luma Fawaz

Nidal Qanadilo
Managing Partner

Wael Haddadin

David Prais
Advisory Board Member

Measure and assess at each step of production

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