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Who We Are

Decapolis is a Jordan and UK based global leader in food safety and quality traceability technology.
The Decapolis platform, Decapolis Food Guard (DFG), ensures the safety and quality of food worldwide. Decapolis helps food producers to provide premium goods for which the end-to-end supply and production chains comply with strict safety and quality control standards.



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Why Decapolis

80% Less Waste and Returned Goods
70% Reduction in Certification Costs
99% Traceability Accuracy

Featured News

Fresh Del Monte Produce and Decapolis
Decapolis and Fresh Del Monte Produce Join Forces
Photograph: (left to right) Basem Nesheiwat, Decapolis Chief Operating Officer; Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, Fresh Del Monte Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Abdelrahman Habashneh, Decapolis Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mobile Friendly

Using a mobile phone, the end-consumer at point-of-sale is able to view the providence that the food product originated and access certification information at each stage. This builds consumer trust in the Decapolis Certification Brand and positively influences the consumer’s decision to purchase the verified premium product.
Since the pilot’s launch, More than 20 global partners in Food Safety all over the world are now using the Decapolis platform.

Global Food Organization Program

Decapolis won a grant from the World Food Program to help small-shareholder farmers in Jordan improve the Safety and Quality of fresh foods produced, lower losses and waste from the field, increase small farmers’ productivity per unit area planted and increase profitability.

Platform Customization

Decapolis offers certified premium goods for which the end-to-end supply chain complies with strict quality control standards.

Best Tools

The data is cryptographically stored inside each entry on the blockchain

High Accuracy

Each operation and interaction with the blockchain is perfectly auditable

High Security

The blockchain is immutable, so no one can tamper with the data that is inside the blockchain
What can you achieve with Decapolis Food Guard?
Reduce Food Producer costs of certification
All relevant measurements are collected and gathered at each stage of raw materials sourcing and during production. Decapolis has built a set of applications with secured access to these measurements. Decapolis supports “one-click” generation of all necessary printed materials required by the auditor or certification agency.
Save costs in Up-Downstream logistics management
DFG helps the food producer to save costs using the Blockchain for increased transparency and efficiency of the food Producer’s supply chain and distribution processes. Where possible, manual processes and record-keeping are digitized and automated.
Reduce producer waste
The farther down the production line, the more cost invested in the finished goods. It is essential to learn quickly about critical problems on the production lines. Decapolis platform provides an alert and notification system to warn Quality Assurance staff about non-compliance events.
Lower insurance liability
As food producers implement Decapolis proof of compliance system, insurers will reduce premiums related to insurance coverage for exposure to breaches health and safety and to prove a good history of safe production.
Retail analytics to reduce Return Goods costs
The Decapolis platform reduces return goods costs by monitoring the production output, fulfillment to the customer, and returned goods by each customer.
Decapolis is a platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure that food safety and quality directives are met for food producers, agri-businesses, auditors, and regulatory agencies worldwide. 
Decapolis Food Guard


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